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Posted By: matt | Nov-14-2020


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Community Managers

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Administrators are the highest of the ranks here at AbyssRS, the dedicated Admin team are here to help all staff members, members and guests of the community.

What do the ranks mean?

  • Administrators

    • Administrators at Abyss are dedicated of keeping the community fresh of toxicity, they carefully monitor mutes, bans, warnings and reports, then the actions are discussed by the whole team and the appropriate decision will be made as a group

    • This group also does the same jobs as Community Managers.

  • Community Managers

    • The Community Managers at Abyss cover things like Support Staff, Support Applications and Staff Applications (Alongside the Administration team) 

    • Community Managers are often in contact with the Developers and Administrators here at Abyss to try and keep the Community and Gameplay smooth and enjoyable.

    • Community Managers are incharge of monitoring Forum Moderators, Game Moderators and Support Staff.

    • Community Managers post In-Game events, News and Announcement(s) on the website, you can check those out here.

  • Support

    • Support staff normally help out with all aspects of Support such as Account Management (Where possible), Tutorials, Helpful Guides and Advise to players.

    • Support Staff can also post news on the Website when granted permission from a Community Manager or Administrator.

Our staff team has high dedication to deliver amazing expierence here at Abyss, if you have any questions, Ask a member of staff.